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Integrating metering components with flow and temperature sensors allows building and facility managers to measure energy costs for hydronic chilled and hot water applications. Meters accurately measure flow and aid in energy cost allocation/sub-metering, energy distribution, system monitoring and operating efficiency calculations.


  • Control and Allocate Costs   Accurate energy monitoring and measurements reduce expenses and streamline energy cost management.
  • Distribute Energy   Our HVAC flow measurement solutions offer the best in function and flexibility to provide effective metering throughout any facility.
  • Monitor Systems   Our wide variety of metering products leverage integrated data to help you monitor operations and optimize system performance.
  • Calculate Operating   Efficiencies We put our meter reading data to work to help you address demands for actionable intelligence and improve your operations.

HVAC Solution Areas
Hydronic Systems
     Hydronic systems are rigorous and have strict flow measurement requirements that commercial and industrial facilities must meet. Flow meters measure the energy within a closed energy loop where a source receives the liquid, heats or cools it and then supplies it to a load that needs heating or cooling.
     Installing an efficient hydronic system is a critical step, but flow instrumentation meters are essential to maintain long-term accuracy, reliability and repeatability within chiller, chilled water system, thermal energy tank system, boiler, cooling tower, pump and other asset operations.

System Balancing
     Hydronic heating and cooling systems are leading system options within industrial applications. Both chilled water and glycol/hot water systems are critical in providing comfort within commercial settings. To prevent end-user complaints, extra costs and shortened system lifespans, facilities managers practice routine system balancing to maintain hydronic balance. Oftentimes, contractors will total the individual balance valves and read out the pump only to find the numbers don’t match.
     Flow measurement tools help contractors properly balance chilled and hot water systems to minimize throttling loss and meet design flow conditions. Additionally, flow meters provide accurate data so balancing contractors can cross-check the system, including pump readings, chiller pressure drop readings (if applicable) and the system total.

Saturated Steam
     When water is heated beyond the boiling point, it vaporizes and becomes steam. This steam can then be used for multiple purposes, including to heat buildings. Saturated steam is a leading heat source within the building design and construction industry.
     With flow measurement tools in place, facilities managers can measure steam delivery by monitoring when capacity is exhausted or taxed and managing the turndown between seasonal demand and operational demand. Additionally, flow meters help facilities managers and other key stakeholders ensure they have accurate volume measurements to identify leaks and evaporation amounts.
     Flow meters can also measure steam usage in mass units, like lbs., kgs. and tons, allowing building owners to use the accumulated steam usage to bill customers for excess steam production.

     Geothermal systems are growing in popularity within the building design and construction industry because of their reliable and consistent operation and reduction in energy costs. These systems regulate temperature within industrial buildings by transferring heat from one place to another. In summer, heat is rejected into the ground, whereas in winter, heat is pulled from the ground.
     Because of this constant operation, geothermal systems require constant measurement to monitor flow rates, water losses and energy use. Missing the design flow by even a few percent can greatly diminish operation, so facilities managers and other key stakeholders invest in flow meters to closely monitor their system.

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